2023 U.S. Open Beer Championship – Label Artwork

In addition to judging some of the world’s finest beers, in 2023 the US Open broke new ground by reviewing and recognizing excellence in label artwork. Over 500 breweries from across the globe submitted over 1000 beers to be considered for the 1st annual beer can art awards. The 15+ judges who accepted this challenge brought a diversity of expertise and credentials to the task, ranging from experienced beer lovers from the school of hard knocks; to high school art teachers; to design professionals; to Ph.D. faculty in marketing, entrepreneurship, and fine arts at Miami University. The judges selected the top 10 entries while awarding gold, silver, and bronze medals to the crème de la crème. Because of the abundance of impressive labels, we also recognized 10 other highly meritorious works with an Honorable Mention. Finally, we awarded the “Director’s Award” to the xxx brewery for their creative use of the US Open Beer Championship logo and their beer label design.

The art competition was so popular that it will now be a permanent fixture in the US Open Beer Championship. Keep an eye out for the tweaks and innovations we’ll roll out for 2024 as we continue our quest to identify and recognize the world’s best beers – and best label art.

Best Beer Label Artwork
Gold – Olvera Street Lager – Angel City Brewing
Angel City Brewing Label Artwork
Silver – Keeping it Crispy – Tactical Brewing Co

BRONZE – Just Deal Wit It – The Dreamchasers Brewery
BRONZE – Shades of Black – Akademia Brewing

5th – Viva La Otter – Pontoon Brewing

6th – Trash Panda – Metazoa Brewing

7th – Mi Nombre Es Cerveza – Roadmap Brewing

8th – Pierre Delecto – Fullsteam Brewing

9th – Udderly Galactic – Launch Pad Brewing

10th – Ten Million Flowers – Discretion Brewing

10th – Swim Shady – Epidemic Ales

10th – Cryo Scape – Batson River Brewing

10th – Chupacatawbra – Twin Oast Brewing