Oxford, Ohio (May) –  Thanks to all the brewers for the record number of breweries and beers.
We are now busy unpacking the thousands of beers that have already arrived.

Sending Checks
Please do not send checks with the beer. Send in an envelope to:

U.S. Open Beer Championship
c/o Dow Scoggins
4796 Somerville Road
Oxford, Ohio 45056

The medal winners and Grand National Champion will be announced on July 9th.

Call for Entries
Beers will need to arrive between May 16th-May 27th. Each brewery may enter a maximum of 8 beers. The entry fee will be $85 per beer/root beer. A brewery submitting 5 or more beers will be considered for the Grand National Champion’s award. Entry Forms and Rules can be found on the competition website under registration and Rules.

Over 140 categories will be judged this year. Winners will receive the traditional U.S. Open beer stein medal for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. The Top 10 breweries overall will be featured on BeerInfo.com. Along with the medals awarded, the top brewery will be award the coveted “Grand National Championship’s Plaque.”

New Categories for 2022
Pastry Stouts
Dortmunder Export
German Leichtbier
Dark Lagers
Historical Beers
Pink Boots Hop Blend

The Pink Boots Hop Blend Category
The board of directors of the U.S. Open decided to add a new category, the Pink Boots Hop Blend Category. Each year, women from the Pink Boots Society collaborate with YCH to select the annual blend recipe. “The 5th Annual Pink Boots Blend starts with women from the ground up,” says Tiffany Pitra, YCH Sensory Manager. “This year’s blend recipe is exciting because it features Idaho Gem™, a variety developed by a women-run hop farm, Gooding Farms, in Parma, Idaho. The PBS members’ beers will be invited to the U.S. Open Beer Championship. All of entry fees for these beers will go to the Pink Boots Society scholarship program which exists to assist, inspire, and encourage women in the fermented beverage industry to advance careers through education.

Two new categories to support the Ukrainian Red Cross Relief Effort.
Both new categories will be from Ukraine style beers and all entry fees will be donated to the Red Cross relief efforts in Ukraine.

The first new category will be Ukrainian Golden Ale. The unofficial beer style of Ukraine. For more information on Ukrainian Golden Ale including ingredients and vital stats: Click Here

The second new category will be Resist Ukrainian Anti Imperial Stout. The recipe for RESIST – Ukrainian Anti-Imperial Stout is a recipe designed by brewers from Ukraine to show solidarity with brewers and the beer community in Ukraine, with a special Borshch-inspired taste of Ukraine:

The RESIST recipe is not prescriptive – brewers can adapt it to their needs and have creative license with the label design. All the Ukrainian brewers want is for you to brew it. For more information on the RESIST – Ukrainian Anti-Imperial Stout including ingredients and vital stats: Click Here

All entry fees for these 2 categories will be donated to the Red Cross relief efforts in Ukraine, The U.S. Open will match the first 12 entries.

We would like to thank Lana Svitankova for inspiring these new categories. Lana is a Ukrainian beer educator and writer. She has had messages of solidarity and support flow in from around the world since the launch of Drinkers for Ukraine, a fundraising campaign for war-affected Ukrainians. This campaign hopes to leverage the goodwill of drinkers and brewers around the world to raise money for the Red Cross humanitarian relief effort in Ukraine. .