2019 U.S. Open Beer Championship – Grand National Champion and Medal Winners

2019 U.S. Open Beer Championship
Sun King Brewing from Indianapolis, Indiana was named Grand National Champion after winning three gold medals and three silver medals. Sun King’s gold medal winners included Pachanga Pilsner, Cherry Busey Belgian Fruit Beer and Midnight Choir Wild Beer. Sun King’s silver medal winners were Shadow Proof Imperial Stout, Barrel Aged Proof and Brandy Barrel Aged Touched by an Angel.

Reuben’s Brewing from Seattle, Washington placed second winning four gold medals. The gold medal winners were Chocolate Box: Hazelnut Praline Imperial Stout, Triple Crush Juicy DIPA, Ink Black Ale and Triumvirate Pale Ale. While Monday Night Garage Brewing out of Atlanta, Georgia placed third by winning 2 gold medals, 2 Silver medals and a bronze. Their gold medal winners were Barrel Aged Como Te Llamas and Last Will and Testament Ale

The U.S. Open is the only major championship to allow winning beers from the AHA’s National Homebrew Competition to compete against professional breweries. This year, home brewers David Byer and John O’Brien from Hot Springs, North Carolina won a bronze medal for their English Barley Wine.

Judging in the U.S. Open Beer Championships is blind; the judges know only the categories, but they do not know what beers they are tasting. The final round of judging was held at the Grandfather’s Barn in Oxford, Ohio.

The U.S. Open Beer Championships judges more beer styles than any other competition in the world. This year, the new styles included a half dozen new barrel aged beers. Most barrel aged beers use whiskey barrels, but this year’s competition included wine, tequila, rum and brandy barrel categories. But, the most unique new style was the Hemp Beer category. Hemp Beer is a form of beer infused with elements of the cannabis plant, and this year’s gold medal winner was Mango Kush brewed by SweetWater Brewing in Atlanta, Georgia.

The U.S. Open Beer Championship also “awarded” YMCA Camp Campbell Gard in Hamilton, Ohio a donation of hundreds of ice packs used to pack and deliver U.S. Open Beer entries. YMCA Camp Campbell Gard near Cincinnati has one of the best summer camps in the country for special needs children.

Top 10 Breweries
1. Sun King Brewing Co.
2. Reuben’s Brews
3. Monday Night Garage
4. Altstadt Brewery
5. Cherry Street Brewing
6. Piney River Brewing Co.
7. Main & Six Brewing Company
8. Perrin Brewing Company
9. Brew Bus Brewing
10. Cigar City Brewing
10. Birds Fly South Ale Project
10. Wise Man Brewing

Top 10 Most Creative Beer Names
The judges also named a “Judges Award” for the top ten “Most Creative Names.” Among the favorites:
1. This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things – Great Raft Brewing – Louisiana
2. Hazed & Infused Pale Ale – Boulder Beer Company – Colorado
3. Knot Another Dumb Blond Ale – Redbone Magic Brewing – Texas
4. Mother Fuggleb Imperial Brown Ale – Eudora Brewing – Ohio
5. Weirdo with a Beardo Scotch Ale – Big T Brew Pub – Michigan
6. Driving Miss Hazy Ale – Gilgamesh Brewing – Oregon
7. My Dad Barleywine – Atlanta Brewing – Georgia
8. Pit happens Berliner Weiss – Kros Strain Brewing – Nebraska
9. Light My Friar – American Icon Brewery – Florida
10. SweetWater Brewing Company – Peach Love & Happiness – Georgia
10. Mass Whole Lager – Wormtown Brewery – Massachusetts

Top 10 Breweries
1. Sun King Brewing Co.
2. Reuben’s Brews
3. Monday Night Garage
4. Altstadt Brewery
5. Cherry Street Brewing
6. Piney River Brewing Co.
7. Main & Six Brewing Company
8. Perrin Brewing Company
9. Brew Bus Brewing
10. Cigar City Brewing
10. Birds Fly South Ale Project
10. Wise Man Brewing

Medal Winners
Golden or Blonde Ale

Gold: Gullah Cream Ale – Revelry Brewing – South Carolina
Silver: Carolinian – Columbia Craft Brewing – South Carolina
Bronze: Flat Hat – Hook Point Brewing – Tennessee

English Summer Ale
Gold: Miracle Blonde – Scotty’s Bierwerks – Florida
Silver: Little John – Robin Hood Brewing – Pennsylvania
Bronze: Twilight Summer Ale – Deschutes Brewery – Oregon

English Pale Ale
Gold: Saranac Pale Ale – Saranac Brewery – New York
Silver: Special Pale Ale – Wellington Brewery – Ontario
Bronze: Royal Scandal – Peticolas Brewing – Texas

English India Pale Ale/IPA
Gold: Harpoon IPA – Harpoon Brewery – Massachusetts
Silver: Recess IPA – Crow Hop Brewing – Colorado
Bronze: In the Meantime – South Park Brewing – California
Bronze: Ichthyosaur “Icky” IPA – Great Basin Brewing – Nevada

Imperial India Pale Ale
Gold: King Sue – Toppling Goliath Brewing – Iowa
Silver: Double Overhead Double IPA – Maui Brewing – Hawaii
Bronze: Rip Cord – Daredevil Brewing – Indiana

Triple IPA
Gold: Dr. Lupulin – Revision Brewing – Nevada
Silver: Simtra – Knee Deep Brewing – California
Bronze: Margaery Grapefruit TIPA – Johnnie Byrd Brewing – Nebraska

Gold: Lyon Pride – Third Monk Brewing – Michigan
Silver: Robert Smith’s Smooth – South Park Brewing – California
Bronze: Automatic Amber – Mash Lab Brewing – Colorado

Extra Special Bitter
Gold: Balloon Factory ESB 1 – Heavier Than Air Brewing – Ohio
Silver: Extra Special Pig – Pig Pounder Brewery – North Carolina
Bronze: Cammy Cam Cam’s ESB – Red Bear Brewing – Washington D.C.

English Mild Ale
Gold: Uncle – Rhinegeist Brewery – Ohio
Silver: Hold The Reins – Brink Brewing – Ohio
Bronze: Saddle Bronc Brown – Black Tooth Brewing – Wyoming

English Brown Ale
Gold: Into the Abyss – Vicious Fishes Brewery – North Carolina
Silver: Sweet Josie – Lonerider Brewing – North Carolina
Bronze: We Been Dancin’ – Swine City Brewing – Ohio

Strong/Imperial Brown Ale
Gold: Black Lab Porter – Middleton Brewing – Texas
Silver: Lake Placid Ubu Ale – Saranac Brewery/FX Matt Brewing – New York
Bronze: Big Brown Beaver – Mathews Brewing – Florida

Brown Porter
Gold: Fivepine Chocolate Porter – Three Creeks Brewing – Oregon
Silver: Clifford Porter – Clifford Brewing – Ontario
Bronze: Kneeknocker Porter – Crow Hop Brewing – Colorado

Robust Porter
Gold: Iron Belly – The Brewtorium – Texas
Silver: Harpoon Porter – Harpoon Brewery – Massachusetts
Bronze: Blackstrap Molasses Porter – Waikiki Brewing – Hawaii

Imperial Porter
Gold: Knight of the Valley – Front Royal Brewing – Virginia
Silver: Black Eye – Scratchtown Brewing – Nebraska
Bronze: Cinnful Imperial Porter – American Harvest Brewpub – Michigan

Classic Irish Dry Stout
Gold: Zed’s in Ireland – Zed ‘s Beer/Bado Brewing – New Jersey
Silver: Dry Irish Stout – 2 Silos Brewing – Virginia
Bronze: O-Dark Thirty – 6 Bears & A Goat Brewing – Virginia

Foreign Stout
Gold: Seven Seas – Hopstix – Georgia
Gold: It Wasn’t Me – Witch’s Hat Brewing – Michigan
Silver: Ziko’s Rage – 26 Degree Brewing – Florida
Bronze: Southpaw Stout – Terrapin ATL Brew Lab – Georgia

American Stout
Gold: Hubbard Street Stout – Main & Six Brewing – Florida
Silver: Gentlemens Stout – Bron Yr Aur Brewing – Washington
Bronze: Venture – The Unknown Brewing Company – North Carolina

Sweet Stout or Cream Stout
Gold: Mackeson Stout – Florida Beer Co. – Florida
Silver: Two Stall – Ahnapee Brewery – Wisconsin
Bronze: Cocoa Coma – de Bine Brewing – Florida

Oatmeal Stout
Gold: Settlers Oatmeal Stout – Vallensons’ Brewing – Texas
Silver: Oatmeal Stout – Fat Point Brewing – Florida
Bronze: Sleeping Owl Stout – Crow Hop Brewing – Colorado

Russian/British Imperial Stout
Gold: Psycho Sisters Imperial Russian – Royal Palm Brewing – Florida
Silver: Shadow Proof -Sun King Brewing – Indiana
Bronze: Rescue Buoy Imperial Stout – Rip Current Brewing – California

American Imperial Stout
Gold – Raise a Ruckus – Piney River Brewing – Missouri
Silver – Uncle Stash’s Imperial Stout – West Palm Brewery & Wine Vault – Florida
Bronze – Towpath – Big Ditch Brewing – New York

Imperial Stout Specialty
Gold: Mornin Delight – Toppling Goliath Brewing – Iowa
Silver: Chocolate Moustache with Coconut – Urban Roots Brewing – California
Bronze: Weapon of Mash Destruction – Main & Six Brewing – Florida
Bronze: Fistful of Cake – Monday Night Brewing – Georgia

Old Ale / Strong Ale
Gold: Last Will and Testament – Monday Night Garage – Georgia
Silver: Bearded Man – Spilled Grain Brewhouse – Minnesota
Bronze: Strong 101 – Niagara College Teaching Brewery – Ontario
Bronze: The Royal Wee – Tactical Brewing – Florida

English Barley Wine Ale
Gold: The Hunted – Foxhole Brewhouse – Minnesota
Silver: 23 New Street – Ignite Brewing – Ohio
Bronze: Big Barleywine – Zaftig Brewing – Ohio
Bronze: Don’t Swallow the Cap – David Byer & John O’Brien – Homebrewers

American Barley Wine Ale
Gold: Orange Giant Barleywine – Ecliptic Brewing – Oregon
Silver: Chateau – The Hold by Revelry Brewing – South Carolina
Bronze: Barleywine – Bent Barley Brewing – Colorado

Scottish Ale
Gold: Great Scot! – Peticolas Brewing – Texas
Silver: Scott’s View – Compass Rose Brewery – North Carolina
Bronze: Stevens Point Brewery – Whole Hog Lord James Scotch – Wisconsin

Strong Scotch Ale
Gold: Wee Do What Wee Want – Bowigens Beer Company – Florida
Silver: Little Ivan McGregor – The Brewtorium – Texas
Bronze: Scotchy Scotch Ale – Rock Bottom Nashville – Tennessee

Irish Red Ale
Gold: Irish Red – Red Truck Beer Company – Colorado
Silver: Outraged Daughters – Wise Man Brewing – North Carolina
Bronze: Amber – Alaskan Brewing – Alaska

American Amber/Red Ale
Gold: Town Brewing – Love You 3000 – North Carolina
Silver: Red Right Return Amber Ale – Oyster City Brewing – Florida
Bronze: Ring the Alarm – Immersion brewing – Oregon

Imperial Red Ale
Gold: Gifted Gunslinger – Big Sexy Brewing Company
Silver: Wreak Havoc – Bootstrap Brewing – Colorado
Bronze: Velvet Hammer – Peticolas Brewing – Texas

American Pale Ale
Gold: Daily Float – Good River Beer – Colorado
Silver: Pompano Pale – 26 Degree Brewing Company – Florida
Bronze: Pale Ale – Sierra Nevada Brewing – California

Juicy or Hazy Pale Ale
Gold: Easy Eddy – Big Grove Brewery – Iowa
Silver: Greenbush Pale Ale – Widowmaker Brewing – Massachusetts
Bronze: House Martell – StormBreaker Brewing – Oregon

Juicy or Hazy Strong Pale Ale
Gold: Gold Bars – Brick Vault Brewery & BBQ – Texas
Silver: Mind Haze – Firestone Walker Brewing – California
Bronze: But This One Goes to 11 – Ironmonger Brewing – Georgia

American India Pale Ale/IPA
Gold: Shatter Cone IPA – Seismic Brewing – California
Silver: Seven Saturdays – R&D Brewing – North Carolina
Bronze: Descender IPA – GoodLife Brewing – Oregon
Bronze: Southern Juice  – Jekyll Brewing – Georgia

Brut IPA
Gold: Soundcheck – Fretboard Brewing – Ohio
Silver: Somebody to Love – Verboten Brewing – Colorado
Bronze: Gold Rush – Gilded Goat Brewing – Colorado

Fruit IPA
Gold: The Bluprint – Birds Fly South Ale Project – South Carolina
Silver: The Big O – Sugar Creek Brewing – North Carolina
Bronze: Remix – R&D Brewing – North Carolina
Bronze: Raspberry Milkshake – Twenty-Six Acres Brewing – North Carolina

West Coast IPA
Gold: Southeast IPA – Tailgate Brewing – Tennessee
Silver: Pernicious – Wicked Weed – North Carolina
Bronze: Tidal Break IPA – Compass Rose Brewery – North Carolina

New England/Juicy/Hazy IPA
Gold : Coastal Love – Wicked Weed – North Carolina
Silver: IPO IPA – White Rock Alehouse & Brewery – Texas
Bronze: Fairy Nectar London – Kros Strain Brewing – Nebraska

New England/Juicy/Hazy DIPA
Gold: Triple Crush – Reuben’s Brews – Washington
Silver: Double – Upstate Brewing – New York
Bronze: Freak Parade – Drekker Brewing – North Dakota

American Brown Ale
Gold: Handsworth – Main & Six Brewing – Florida
Silver: Mother Fuggle – Eudora Brewing Company – Ohio
Bronze: Excavator Brown Ale – Big Ditch Brewing – New York
Bronze: Florida Avenue Brown Ale – Brew Bus Brewing – Florida

American Black Ale
Gold: Ink – Reuben’s Brews – Washington
Silver: Busier Than Hell – Woodland Farm Brewery – New York
Bronze: Raven Twins – Scratchtown Brewing – Nebraska

American Strong Pale Ale
Gold: Cloud Ripper – StormBreaker Brewing – Oregon
Silver: Infinite Riff – Migration Brewing – Oregon
Bronze: Muscle Power Pale Ale – Shoe Tree Brewing – Nevada

International Style Pale Ale
Gold – Triumvirate – Reuben’s Brews – Washington
Silver – Rocket Lab – Launch Pad Brewery – Colorado
Bronze – Guayabera – Cigar City Brewing – Florida
Bronze – Tropikol IPA – Southern Peak Brewery – North Carolina

German Altbier
Gold – Samuel Adams Boston Ale – Samuel Adams – Massachusetts
Silver – Charity – Oak Highlands Brewing – Texas
Bronze – Copper Alt – Zipline Brewing – Nebraska

German Kölsch
Gold: Kolsch – Altstadt Brewery – Texas
Silver: Special Kolsch – Bier Brewery – Indiana
Bronze: Cantilever Kolsch – McFleshman’s Brewing – Wisconsin

German Wheat Ale
Gold: Alpenglow – Fat Head’s Brewery & Saloon – Ohio
Gold: Küsterer Original Weissbier – Cedar Springs Brewing – Michigan
Silver: DTB Weizen – Desperate Times Brewery – Pennsylvania
Bronze: Dismal Hollow Dunkel – Front Royal Brewing – Virginia

South German Hefeweizen
Gold: Wise One – Commonhouse Aleworks – South Carolina
Silver: Exhumed – Torched Hop Brewing – Georgia
Bronze: Weissthiemer – 8th Wonder Brewery – Texas

French and Belgian Saison
Gold: Tomorrow’s Verse – Urban Roots Brewing – Californina
Silver: Bichon Saison – Vizsla Brewing – Montana
Bronze: Daddy’s Money – Ironmonger Brewing – Georgia

Belgian Pale Ale
Gold: Crazy Train – Fretboard Brewing – Ohio
Silver: Ain’t No Sunshine – Perrin Brewing – Michigan
Bronze: Super Power Potion – Flix Brewhouse-Carmel – Indiana

Belgian and French Ale
Gold: Goat de Garde – Gilded Goat Brewing – Colorado
Silver: Abby Blonde – Thirsty Monk Brewery – North Carolina
Bronze: Past Life – Thirsty Monk Brewery – North Carolina

Belgian Dubbel
Gold: Collabbey Ale – Oskar Blues Brewery – Colorado
Silver: Get Thee to a Monastery – Burning Beard Brewing – California
Bronze: Two Headed Monster – Brew Republic Bierwerks – Virginia
Bronze: Dalmatian – Metazoa Brewing – Indiana

Belgian Tripel
Gold: Luminosity – Twin Leaf Brewery – North Carolina
Silver: Trifecta – FiftyFifty Brewing – California
Bronze: Abbey Triple – Sprecher Brewing – Wisconsin

Belgian Quadrupel
Gold: Brun Royale – Gulf Stream Brewing – Florida
Silver: Qualified – Taxman Brewing Company – Indiana
Bronze: SistersQuad – Bitter Sisters Brewing – Texas

Belgian-Style Strong Specialty Ale
Gold: Grand Cru – American Harvest Brewpub at Schoolcraft College – Michigan
Silver: Fu Fighter – Good River Beer – Colorado
Bronze: The Sage – Archetype Brewing – North Carolina

Belgian Lambic
Gold: Roeselare – Perrin Brewing – Michigan
Silver: Calypso – 20 Corners Brewing – Washington
Bronze: Red 5 Standing By – The Hold by Revelry Brewing – South Carolina
Bronze: Framboose Morte – Wicked Weed Framboose – North Carolina

Belgian Witbier
Gold: Blanc – Sonder Brewing – Ohio
Silver: White Ale – Castle Island Brewing – Massachusetts
Silver: Luna Rosa – Flix Brewhouse Albuquerque – New Mexico
Bronze: Doom Pedal – Fifty West Brewing – Ohio

Berliner Weisse
Gold: Guavana Ooh Na- Na – Arrow Lodge Brewing – California
Silver: Peach Love & Happiness – SweetWater Brewing – Georgia
Silver: Binary Storm – August Schell Brewing – Minnesota
Bronze: Tart Cherry Berliner – Vallensons’ Brewing – Texas

Gold: Magic Hour – Twin Leaf Brewery – North Carolina
Silver: Haterade – 8th Wonder Brewery – Texas
Bronze: Bloodties – Flix Brewhouse – Carmel – Indiana

Fruit Gose
Gold: Sobbing Mathematically – Streetside Brewery – Ohio
Silver: Rosa – St Elmo Brewing – Texas
Bronze: Margarita Gose – Cigar City Brewing – Florida

American Light Lager
Gold: Session Light – Full Sail Brewing – Oregon
Silver: First Light Session Lager – Cameron’s Brewing – Ontario
Bronze: Day Cruiser – Out of Bounds Brewing – California

American Lager/Pilsner
Gold: Paycheck Pilsner – Fullsteam Brewery – North Carolina
Silver: Satisfied Local Lager – Piedmont Brewery and Kitchen – Georgia
Silver: 1872 – Straub Brewery – Pennsylvania
Bronze: Rice Street Lager – Shoe Tree Brewing – Nevada

American Premium Lager
Gold: Point Special Lager – Stevens Point Brewery – Wisconsin
Silver: Mexican Lager – Lost Cabin Beer Co. – South Dakota
Bronze: Race Day Lager Daredevil Brewing – Indiana

American Amber Lager
Gold: Riverwest Stein – Lakefront Brewery – Wisconsin
Silver: White Legs – Brink Brewing – Ohio
Bronze: Southside Lager – Arches Brewing – Georgia

Bohemian Pilsener Lager
Gold: Bohemian Pilsner – Ballad Brewing – Virginia
Silver: Czechvar Original – U.S. Beverage – Czech Republic
Silver: Brewer’s Choice Czech Pale Lager – Feather Falls Brewing – California
Bronze: 407 Pils – Bowigens Beer Company – Florida

German Lager/Pilsener Lager
Gold: Jump – Olde Salem Brewing – Virginia
Silver: Dr. Billheimer’s Magic Pilsner – Ketch Brewing – California
Bronze: Paradox Pilsner – Paradox Brewery – New York

International Style Pilsner Lager
Gold: Pachanga – Sun King Brewing – Indiana
Silver: Riviera – R&D Brewing – North Carolina
Bronze: Session Cerveza – Full Sail Brewing – Oregon

Münchner Helles Lager
Gold: Helles Lager – New Oberpfalz Brewing – Indiana
Gold: Helles Creek – Kros Strain Brewing – Nebraska
Silver: Lager – Altstadt Brewery – Texas
Bronze: Zug – Eight & Sand Beer Co. – Ohio

Münchner Dunkel/Dark Lager
Gold: Munich Dunkel – Revelation Craft Brewing – Delaware
Silver: New Realm Dunkel – New Realm Brewing – Georgia
Bronze: Ayinger Altbairisch Dunkel – Ayinger – Germany

Gold: Oktoberfest – Hansa Brewery – Ohio
Silver: Von Baer Marzen – The Explorium Brewpub – Wisconsin
Bronze: Same Time Next Year – Peticolas Brewing – Texas

Vienna-Style Lager
Gold: Vienna Red – Altstadt Brewery – Texas
Silver: Linden Lager – Front Royal Brewing – Virginia
Bronze: Brickyard – The Tap Brewery – Indiana

Gold: Knight Ryder – Picacho Peak Brewing – New Mexico
Silver: Schwarzbier – DeHop’s Brewing – Michigan
Bronze: Low Lumens Lager – SJ Brewing – Florida

German Bock
Gold: Mystik Bock – Arches Brewing – Georgia
Silver: Bakken Bock – Bayern Brewing – Montana
Bronze: Aggressive Goat – Spearfish Brewing – South Dakota

German Heller Bock/Maibock
Gold: Sneaky Goat – Little Harpeth Brewing – Tennessee
Silver: Hi-Bock – Terrapin ATL Brew Lab – Georgia
Bronze: Spring Veil – Wise Man Brewing – North Carolina

Strong Bock
Gold: Demonstrator – Haymarket Brewing – Michigan
Silver: Dopple Bock – Sprecher Brewing – Wisconsin
Bronze: Sometimes Goats – Birds Fly South Ale Project – South Carolina

Baltic-Style Porter
Gold: Hygge – Philipsburg Brewing Company – Montana
Silver: Odin’s Sword – Big Island Brewhaus – Hawaii
Bronze: Old Mad Joy – Great Raft Brewing – Louisiana

India Pale Lager
Gold: Up Shem Creek – Revelry Brewing Company – South Carolina
Silver: Mountain Jam – Southbound Brewing – Georgia
Bronze: Tropic of Thunder Lager – Stone Brewing – California

American Cream Ale
Gold: Crankbait – Piney River Brewing – Missouri
Silver: Knee High – Lakeville Brewing – Minnesota
Bronze: Beaver Deceiver – Bron Yr Aur Brewing – Washington

American Wheat(Light and Dark)
Gold: 4th St Wheat – Foxhole Brewhouse – Minnesota
Silver: Meister – Eppig Brewing – California
Bronze: Black Walnut Wheat – Piney River Brewing – Missouri
Bronze: WuShock Wheat – Wichita Brewing – Kansas

American Specialty Wheat
Gold: Darlin’ – Blake’s Brewing – Michigan
Gold: Sex A Peel – Infamous Brewing – Texas
Silver: Greenbelt – Armadillo Ale Works – Texas
Bronze: Haybag Hefeweizen – Philipsburg Brewing – Montana

American Style Fruit Beer
Gold: BlueBeary Ale – Big Bear Brewing – Florida
Silver: DreamCycle – Crank Arm Brewing – North Carolina
Bronze: Tangerine Vibes – Taft’s Brewing – Ohio

Belgian Style Fruit Beer
Gold: Cherry Busey – Sun King Brewing – Indiana
Silver: Strawberry Grove – Bench Brewing – Ontario
Bronze: Plum Grove – Bench Brewing – Ontario

Vegetable Beer
Gold: Florida Avenue Cucumber Berliner – Brew Bus Brewing – Florida
Silver: Lime Cucumber Gose – Urban South Brewery – Louisiana
Bronze: All Rice No Weisse – Coppertail Brewing – Florida

Coconut Beer
Gold: Coconut Porter – Narrow Path Brewing – Ohio
Silver: Stick Figure Coconut IPA – Wachusett Brewing Company – Massachusetts
Bronze: Coconut Porter – Cherry Street Brewing – Georgia

Herb and Spice Beer
Gold: Spruce IPA – Alaskan Brewing – Alaska
Silver: Florida avenue Passion of the Heights – Brew Bus – Florida
Bronze: Situational Ethics Gingerbread – Monday Night Garage – Georgia
Bronze: Tropic Pressure – Big Storm Brewing – Florida

Pumpkin Beer
Gold: Curious Gourd – Cueni Brewing – Florida
Silver: Twin Creeks Imperial Pumpkin – Twin Creeks Brewing – Virginia
Bronze: 5 Phantoms Pumpkin Spice Barley Wine – Philipsburg Brewing – Montana

Chili Pepper Beer
Gold: Datil – Motorworks Brewing – Florida
Silver: Hatch Chile IPAs – Garage Brewing Co – California
Bronze: Paleta De Mango – Rahr & Sons Brewing – Texas
Bronze: Jalapeno Mouth – Waikiki Brewing – Hawaii

Chocolate/Cocoa Beer
Gold: Samuel Smith’s Organic Chocolate Stout – Samuel Smith’s – England
Silver: Mexican Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout – Belching Beaver Brewery
Bronze: Teleporter – The Unknown Brewing Company – North Carolina

Coffee Flavored Beer
Gold: Venti is Large – Hop Dogma Brewing – California
Silver: Ante Meridiem – Monday Night Garage – Georgia
Bronze: Lulu Bean – 16 Lots Brewing Company – Ohio

Rye Beer
Gold: Home Field – Field Brewing – Indiana
Silver: The Hills Have Ryes – Spearfish Brewing – South Dakota
Bronze: Ryeght Angle – Fat Point Brewing – Florida

Smoke Beer
Gold: Set it on Fire – Bhramari Brewing Company – North Carolina
Silver: Rogalian – Stone Brewing Liberty Station – California
Bronze: Smoked Marzen – 49th State Brewing – Alaska
Bronze: Egatobas – Coppertail Brewing – Florida

Smoke Porter
Gold: Pro-Pro Porter – Wormtown Brewery – Massachusetts
Silver: Smoked Porter – Alaskan Brewing – Alaska
Bronze: ParchedPig Smoked Porter – Carnival Cruise Lines – Florida

Honey Beer
Gold: Lowcountry Ambrosia – River Dog Brewing – South Carolina
Silver: Anniversary DIPA – Municipal Brew Works – Ohio
Bronze: Royal Bee- Drekker Brewing Company – North Dakota

Hemp Beer
Gold: Mango Kush Wheat Ale – SweetWater Brewing – Georgia
Silver: HPA – New Belgium Brewing – Colorado
Bronze: Dubhe Imperial Black IPA – Uinta Brewing – Utah
Bronze: Hemp is a Four Letter Word – Carolina Bauernhaus Ales – South Carolina

Barrel Aged Pale Beer
Gold: Sallyweiss – Nebraska Brewing – Nebraska
Silver: Chamomile Joon – MadTree Brewing – Ohio
Bronze: Barrel Aged Abbaye de Gembloux – Uncle Billy’s Brewery – Texas

Barrel Aged Dark Beer
Gold: Merry World – Wise Man Brewing – North Carolina
Silver: Maple Barrel Aged Sweet Brown – Castle Island Brewing – Massachusetts
Bronze: No Medal Awarded

Barrel Aged Strong Beer
Gold: Black Mirror – Deschutes Brewery – Oregon
Silver: Squeezins – Stillmank Brewing – Wisconsin
Bronze: Samuel Adams Utopias – Boston Beer Company – Massachusetts

Barrel-Aged Strong Stout/Porter
Gold:  Bourbon Barrel Temptress – Lakewood Brewing – Texas
Silver: Barrel Aged Silhouette – Lift Bridge Brewing – Minnesota
Bronze: Aged Gentlemen – Bron Yr Aur Brewing – Washington

Barrel-Aged Strong Stout/Porter Specialty
Gold: Barrel-Aged Cake or Death – Verboten Brewing – Colorado
Silver: Proof – Sun King Brewing – Indiana
Bronze: Broken Empire – The Dayton Beer Co. – Ohio
Bronze: Te Quiero – OHSO Brewery- GIlbert – Arizona

Barrel-Aged Sour Beer
Gold: Disco Biscuit – Peter B’s Brewpub – California
Silver: Feral One – Firestone Walker Brewing – California
Bronze: Indo-communication – Max Lager’s Wood-Fired Grill & Brewery – Georgia

Barrel-Aged Fruited Sour Beer
Gold: Shrunken Heads – Akademia Brewing Co – Georgia
Silver: Paparazzi Prairie Dog – NOLA Brewing – Louisiana
Bronze: Levanto Oscuro – Madtree Brewing – Ohio
Bronze: Lydian – Brothers Cascadia Brewing – Washington

Wood/Barrel- Fruit Beer
Gold – Bourbon Barrel Aged Vanilla Porter with Tart Cherries – Oak Highlands Brewery – Texas
Silver – Situational Ethics – Monday Night Garage – Georgia
Bronze – ExBERRYmental Fruit Beer – Vallensons’ Brewing

Wood/Barrel- Strong Scotch Ale
Gold: Damebier – Cherry Street Brewing – Georgia
Silver: Barrel-aged Black Lagoon – Rip Current Brewing
Bronze: Rye Batch 3 – Woodland Farm Brewery – New York
Bronze: 1314 – Black Tooth Brewing – Wyoming

Barrel-Aged Barley Wine
Gold: 12.12.12 – Cherry Street Brewing – Georgia
Silver: Grow Old With You – Verboten Brewing – Colorado
Bronze: Kelly’s Candy – Brink Brewing – Ohio
Bronze: Three Ryes Men – Reubens Brew – Taproom – Washington

Blended Barrel-Aged Beer
Gold: Double Barrel Nite Nite – Southern Brewing – Georgia
Silver: Brand New Eyes – Birds Fly South Ale Project – South Carolina
Bronze: 22nd Anniversary – Sweetwater Brewing – Georgia
Bronze: Beast of Bourbon – Liquid Mechanics Brewing Colorado

Non Whiskey Barrel Aged Beer
Gold: Gusano Borracho – Benchtop Brewing Company – Virginia
Silver: Knights of Windsor – OHSO Brewery- Gilbert – Arizona
Bronze: Gin Botanic Ale – Deschutes Brewery – Oregon

Brandy Barrel Aged Beer
Gold: Cyclopaedia – Cigar City Brewing – Florida
Gold: Peach Brandy BA Imperial Chickow! – Listermann Brewing – Ohio
Silver: Brandy Barrel Aged Touched by an Angel – Sun King Brewing – Indiana
Bronze: Perrin Reserve – Perrin Brewing Company – Michigan

Tequila Barrel Aged Beer
Gold: Como Te Llamas – Monday Night Garage – Georgia
Silver: Tequila Mockingbird – Streetside Brewery – Ohio
Bronze: Out-TequilYa – NOLA Brewing – Louisiana

Rum Barrel Aged Beer
Gold: Barrel Aged Third Anniversary Barleywine – Waikiki Brewing – Hawaii
Silver: Trip in the Woods – Sierra Nevada Brewing – California
Bronze: Innis & Gunn Blood Red Sky – US Beverage – Scotland

Wine Barrel Aged – Beer
Gold: Napa Parabola – Firestone Walker Brewing – California
Silver: Wine Barrel Aged Farm’s Edge: Ava – Fullsteam Brewery – North Carolina
Bronze: Hell’s Company – Wise Man Brewing – North Carolina

Barrel-Aged Brett / Wild Beer
Gold: Midnight Choir – Sun King Brewing – Indiana
Silver: Foeder Bier – Southern Brewing – Georgia
Bronze: St. Eldritch – Cellar Works Brewing – Pennsylvania
Bronze: Aged Helios – Pontoon Brewing – Georgia

Barrel-Aged German Lager
Gold: Old Mad Joy Baltic Porter – Great Raft Brewing – Louisiana
Silver: Barrel Aged Doppelbock – Schulz Brau Brewing – Tennessee
Bronze: Beast of Tadmor – The Dayton Beer Company – Ohio

Aged Beer
Gold: Sasquatch Reserve – 903 Brewers – Texas
Silver: Old Crustacean Barleywine – Rogue Ales & Spirits – Oregon
Bronze: Baby It’s Cold Outside – The Hold by Revelry Brewing – South Carolina

Specialty Pale Ale
Gold: Pike Pride Ale – Pike Brewing – Washington
Silver: Namazu Pale Ale – Seismic Brewing – California
Bronze: Citrus All Pro – Columbia Craft Brewing – South Carolina

Specialty IPA
Gold: Grapefruit Hoppocalypse – Apocalypse Ale Works – Virginia
Silver: For Goodness Shakes Creamsicle Milkshake IPA – Short Fuse Brewing
Bronze: Uekera – Bhramari Brewing – North Carolina

Experimental Beer
Gold: Dreamsicle – – Apocalypse Ale Works – Virginia
Silver: Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout – Cigar City Brewing – Florida
Silver: Sin Mint Temptress – Lakewood Brewing – Texas
Bronze: Florida Avenue Neapolitan Berline – Brew Bus Brewing – Florida

Specialty Beer/Anything Goes
Gold: Cookies and Cream Milk Stout – Waconia Brewing – Minnesota
Silver: Guava Tangent – Rhinegeist Brewery – Ohio
Bronze: Perceptual Passion – Rhinegeist Brewery – Ohio
Bronze: No. 99 Rye Lager – Wayne Gretzky Craft Brewing – Ontario

American-Belgo-Style Ale
Gold: Klipspringer – Metazoa Brewing – Indiana
Silver: La Maison – Taxman Brewing – Indiana
Bronze: Der Bauer – Kansas City Bier Company – Missouri

Kellerbier or Zwickelbier
Gold: The Dom – Akademia Brewing – Georgia
Silver: FemDom – Hansa Brewery – Ohio
Bronze: Luchesa Lager – Oasis Texas Brewing – Texas

Brett Beer
Gold: Saison de Walt Brett Beer – Flix Brewhouse – Carmel – Indiana
Silver: C’Mon Sunshine – Birds Fly South Ale Project – South Carolina
Bronze: Nameless Light – Archetype Brewing – North Carolina

Session Beer
Gold: Peacekeeper – Launch Pad Brewery – Colorado
Silver: BLK WLF – Able Seedhouse and Brewery – Minnesota
Bronze: JOGR – Reformation Brewery – Georgia

Session IPA
Gold: Lost in Orbit Session IPA – Nickel Brook Brewing – Ontario
Silver: Half Bent – Bent Barley Brewing – Colorado
Bronze: Ball’s Falls – Bench Brewing – Ontario

.Gluten-Free Beer
Gold: Truth in the Juice IPA – Revelation Craft Brewing – Delaware
Silver: Grapefruit IPA – Ghostfish Brewing – Washington
Bronze: Aurochs Porter – Aurochs Brewing – Pennsylvania

Near Gluten Free
Gold: Daura Damm – S.A. Damm – Spain
Gold: Irish Red Ale – Red Door Brewing – New Mexico
Silver: Carpe Rose – Urban South Brewery – Louisiana
Bronze: Lil’ Squeezy Juicy Ale – Deschutes Brewery – Oregon

Peanut Butter
Gold: PB Hobo – Ahnapee Brewery – Wisconsin
Gold: Peanut Butter Porter – Liquid Mechanics Brewing – Colorado
Silver: Widowmaker Brewing – There’s No Wrong Way Peanut Butter Stout – Massachusetts
Bronze: Puppy Slumber Party – Metazoa Brewing – Indiana

Gold: Chocolate Box: Hazelnut Praline – Reuben’s Brews – Washington
Silver: Chickow! Listermann Brewing – Ohio
Bronze: Carver’s PB Stout – The Explorium Brewpub – Wisconsin
Bronze: Pistachio SuperVoid – Coppertail Brewing – Florida

Tea Beers
Gold: Green T-Bird – Garage Brewing – California
Silver: The Renaissance Woman – Perrin Brewing Company – Michigan
Bronze: Peach Tea Beer – Vallensons’ Brewing Company – Texas

Root Beer
Gold: Sprecher Root Beer – Sprecher Brewery – Wisconsin
Silver: Root Beer – Lift Bridge Brewing – Minnesota
Bronze: Sassy’s Root Beer – Dark Hills Brewery – Missouri

Soft Drinks
Gold: Big-e’ze Vanilla Cream Soda – Studio Brew – Tennessee
Silver: Blueberry Soda – Dry County Brewing- Georgia
Bronze: Mini Donut Cream Soda – Lift Bridge Brewing – Minnesota

Non Alcoholic Beer
Gold: Free Damm – S.A. Damm – Spain
Silver: All-Free – Suntory Tonegawa Brewery – Japan
Bronze: 17 Mile Porter – Surreal Brewing – California

Non Alcoholic IPA
Gold: Double Hop IPA – Athletic Brewing – Connecticut
Silver: Citra IPA – Big Drop Brewing – United Kingdom
Bronze: IPA – Bravus Brewing – California

Non Alcoholic Stout
Gold: Stout – Big Drop Brewing – United Kingdom
Silver: OH! DAMN – Microbrasserie Le Bockale – Quebec
Bronze: Stout – Partake Brewing – Alberta