U.S. Open Beer Championship, New Category, Black Is Beautiful Imperial Stout – 100% of your entry fee will be donated

U.S. Open Beer Championship, New Category, Black Is Beautiful Imperial Stout
100% of your entry fee will be donatedOxford, Ohio
(August, 2020) – – This year, the U.S. Open Beer Championship will award medals in 137 categories. More categories than any beer judging in the world. But, we decided to add one more. After drinking a few of the Black Is Beautiful Imperial Stouts, the board of directors of the U.S. Open decided to add a new category, the Black Is Beautiful Imperial Stout category.

The U.S. Open will donate 100% of this category entry fees to a local foundation that supports police brutality reform and legal defenses for those who have been wronged or to a local organizations that support equality and inclusion. The foundation will be determined by the Gold Medal Winner.

Black Is Beautiful Imperial Stout Recipe
The base recipeĀ  for Black is Beautiful Imperial StoutĀ  was created by Weathered Souls Brewing Company. It was designed to be a moderately high abv. stout to showcase the different shades of black. If you added your own twist or ideas to the beer, please enter them in the comment section when you register your beer. Recipe Link

Call for Entries
More than 7,000 beers, representing more than 130 different styles, were judged during the 2019 U.S. Open event, which is the only brewery competition to include licensed breweries and winners of the American Homebrewers Association competition. Last year, breweries spanning the globe from Russia to Rhode Island sent their beers. Winning entries can be seen on the U.S. Open Beer Championships website, at www.USOpenBeer.com.

Registration, Deadlines and Fees
The last day to register is October 21, 2020
Beers will need to arrive between October 21 through October 30.
Each brewery may enter a maximum of eight beers.
The entry fee will be $75 (with two entries at no charge).
A brewery must submit a minimum of five beers to be considered one of the Top Ten Breweries and Grand National Champion.

Brewers can submit questions at dow_scoggins@hotmail.com and follow the competition on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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